Our Team


We are convinced that by supporting teachers with Primero LEE we can change the reality of reading comprehension in Chile and the future of many children.
After 6 years working, our efforts have led more than 10,000 children to fully read with the support of Fundación Educacional Crecer con Todos.


Paula Cruzat
Founder and Executive Director

Master in International Education Policy, Harvard University, and Business Administration, Pontifical Catholic University of Chile. She is currently the director of Fundación Memoria Viva, and has experience in the private and public sector. She was Subdirector of Education in Peñalolén, and Vice
President of the Harvard Club of Chile.

Loreto Iglesias
Primero LEE Director

Elementary and Middle School Teacher, and graduate certificate in Administration of Educational Organizations, Pontifical Catholic University of Chile. Master in Business Management, Adolfo
Ibáñez University. She was 1 st and 2 nd grades head teacher at Highlands School and Savia Nova School.

Valentina Wagenreld
Management and Finance Director

Studied Economics at the University of Chile. She worked in the Department of NexoInclusion at the Faculty of Economy and Business, being in charge of administrative management and as
coordinator of the research center of that department.

Francisca Labayru
Academic Director

Primary School Teacher, with a graduate certificate in Public Policies in Edudation, Pontifical Catholic University of Chile, Diploma in University of Chile. Specialized in supporting teachers, in the incorporation of educational programs focused on guaranteeing quality education in vulnerable environments.

Macarena Velásquez
Execution Coordinator

Preschool Teacher with a graduate certificate in Promotion of Secure Attachment and Management of School Organizations of the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile. She worked as Director of Kindergartens of the Integra Foundation.

María Elena Gallego
Professional Development Coordinator

Primary School Teacher of the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile with a graduate certificate in Family Educational Counseling at the Villanueva University Center, Madrid. She was deputy director of the Los Andes School and of the TREE HOUSE Kindergarten. She has experience in modeling classes and in strategies for teaching reading.

María Fernanda Kreis
Management Coordinator

Studied Business Administration and a Master’s degree in Marketing at the University of Chile. With experience in communications, administrative management and management in the field of Social Development.

Andrea Pizarro
Finance Coordinator

Studied Management Control at the University of Chile. Co-founder of Byenvini Chile and with experience in process automation and research.

Lorena López

Secretary, School of Superior Studies. She has experience in the private sector as assistant to CEOs.

Patricio Roco
Graphic Designer

Graphic Designer by the University of Bio-Bio. He has worked in the Research Center I+D Tekit, Estudio de Diseño Verde, and for PAT magazine (Patrimonio Cultural-DIBAM). With extensive experience in editorial design and illustration.

María Paz Díaz
Primary Education Specialist

Primary School Teacher, with a graduate certificate in Publishing and Publications from the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile. Master in Books and Children’s and Young People’s Literature of the Autonomous University of Barcelona. With experience of five years in classroom in the levels of 5th and 6th grade in Language.

Romina Castro
Preschool Specialist

Preschool Teacher and psychopedagogist, by the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile. She worked for the cognitive skills enrichment program at Diego Portales University. She has specialized in the Cognitive Development and Mediated Learning with the Singapore Method for the teaching of mathematics.

Alejandra Muñoz
County Coordinator

Preeschool Teachear of the University of Tarapacá with a graduate certificate in Development of Poverty and Territory of the University Alberto Hurtado. She has experience in coordinating the development of socio-educational tutoring with children from vulnerable schools in Valparaíso with the Superación de la Pobreza Foundation.

Lilian Villablanca
County Coordinator

Preschool Teacher, Pontifical Catholic University of Chile. Primary School Teacher, Concepcion University. Master in Education, University of Talca. In the last 5 years, she worked as curriculum
advisor for rural schools of the Fundación CMPC.

Karla Martínez
County Coordinator

Preeschool Teachear of the University of Playa Ancha. Specialized in oral language and/or written language, and in narrative and literary texts. With experience in language workshops and in handling of Methods and Model for learning to read and write.

Graciela Ahumada
County Coordinator

Psychopedagogist, and graduate certificate in Conflict Mediation and Learning Development, Andres Bello University. She worked as a psychopedagogy advisor for schools in Talagante and

Susana Valencia
County Coordinator

Preschool Teacher, Metropolitan University of Educational Sciences. She has experience working in vulnerable settings at daycare and preschool.

Dania Budini
County Coordinator

Primary School Teacher of the Silva Henríquez Catholic University with graduate certificate in attention deficit and hyperactivity for pre-basic and basic education of the Iplacex Professional Institute. With experience in the first cycle as a teacher.

Andrea Navarrete
County Coordinator

Differential Educator of the San Sebastián University. She has worked in educational management in Training and Advising teachers and managers. She was recently in charge of the Learning for All area for the preparation of support material for the municipal schools of Nacimiento, Negrete, Laja, Mulchén, San Rosario, San Javier and Yerbas Buenas.

Natalia Sánchez
County Coordinator

Preeschol Teacher of the Metropolitan University of Education Sciences. She has extensive experience in the first and second cycle based on orientation, supervision and evaluation of training and planning of the pedagogical task.


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