The Foundation

The Foundation

The Foundation

Our focus is learning

Fundación Educacional Crecer con Todos was born in 2010 to face the tough and crude reality of the education in Chile, which provides discouraging results in reading comprehension:

In Chile, 6 out of 10 children from vulnerable backgrounds do not read or understand what they
read by 4 th grade.

 Let’s not wait anymore…. Let’s change this reality NOW!


Our Mission


Our Mission is that all children who live in vulnerable settings be able to fully read and write from 1 st grade with our program Primero LEE. 

Primero LEE is a language program developed in Chile, which complies with the Plans and Programs of the Ministry of Education for Pre-K through 4 th grade.

Replicable and expandable model — Primero LEE was designed at its core with the possibility of scaling-up the model and of replicating its methodology in any region of the country at a sustainable cost. This cost can easily be financed by the funds of the Subvención Escolar Preferencial (SEP).

Supports teachers of the whole country — The Foundation’s goal is to establish Primero LEE in the greatest possible number of counties in the country, and to support all educators in the system, so we can improve vulnerable children’s learning.